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Breaking the chains of ignorance and cruelty
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Breaking the chains of ignorance and cruelty
Massachusetts is another place where Dogs Deserve Better

As published in Pets! Magazine, January, 2007 (

In the ‘70s, many of us cried when we read Alex Haley’s “Roots” and saw the mini-series later that decade. Scenes of Africans chained in the dark cubes of that boat are haunting. It is blatantly obvious to most that it is wrong, and disturbing that it wasn’t considered “wrong” at one time.

Someday, we might find that same reaction to witnessing a caged or chained animal on the screen. Dogs Deserve Better sure hopes so.

All of us have seen or heard about a dog that spends his days on two feet of chain, his dirty dishes on the pavement in the driveway. His owners space out to the TV inside while the dog paces in circles, maybe dreaming of running with a pack through the woods. He might just dream of playing, walking or sitting next to his owners while they watch that TV. Excessive chaining and caging is a huge problem in this country; we’ve all had neighbors who thoughtlessly chain their dog outside for countless hours. “Oh, he’s fine out there. He loves the air.” Perhaps it was the relentless barking that brought them to that interestingly convenient conclusion.

Tammy Grimes started Dogs Deserve Better in August of 2002 to combat this important issue, establishing it with the strong belief that dogs don’t deserve to be treated like prisoners. They long to be pets. Since this non-profit advocacy organization has mushroomed, there are now representatives throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and France. Read more..