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Brown and Brown segment in Worcester Business Journal’s Book of Experts

There are so many options in the financial world these days. Gone are the times when a wad of cash stuffed between the mattresses would suffice for “emergency savings” or “education funds.” It’s hard to know where to start when so many opportunities exist to channel your hard-earned money through. That’s where Brown & Brown LLP comes in with a confident hand, guiding you and your funds to achieve your financial goals.

“In today’s marketplace, people are bombarded with financial information and choices related to their personal financial needs,” says Carolyn Stall, partner, “including investments, insurance, estate planning, retirement funding, tax savings strategies, educational costs, etc. If is often difficult for them to determine what they really need.”

Most importantly, Stall says it is difficult to tell if the products or services you’re being offered are appropriate and at a fair price. Brown & Brown provides wealth management services through its affiliate, Brown & Brown Financial LLC, which is a registered investment advisor. Since Brown & Brown doesn’t directly sell any products or services, you can count on the firm to be unbiased with its advice (a markedly important attribute).

“We help people obtain the best products and services,” says Stall, “and at the appropriate price to help them reach their goals. We continue to meet with them regularly to be sure they are making progress toward their financial goals and help them fine tune their plans as changes occur in their lives and in the marketplace.”

Brown & Brown provides its services on a fee basis, which allows them to avoid any conflicts of interest. Stall and her associates, with years of experience behind them and a finger on the pulse of the financial market, remain independent and objective when dishing out advice.

Here are some of the services Brown & Brown takes care of:

Identify client’s long and short term goals and objectives
Develop a financial plan to achieve those goals and objectives
Perform an in depth review of their current net worth statement
Analyze and restructure debt
Review income tax returns and develop tax saving strategies
Evaluate current insurance needs and coverage
Develop appropriate asset allocation and assist in selection of investment managers
Assist with business succession planning and valuation services
Review estate plan and develop effective wealth transfer techniques
Ongoing investment monitoring and wealth management services

Simply put, Brown & Brown acts as a client’s advocate and works hard to ensure that they are getting the most out of their money, in more ways than one. And that, you can take to the bank.

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