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Boulder’s Plan to Bolster Business
03.28.06 | No Comments
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Boulder is fortunate in many ways, including having a well-diversified economy. Long a hub for entrepreneurial activity, the city and surrounding areas have high tech firms in bioscience, software and data storage as well as non-tech companies in natural foods, outdoor products and creative class pursuits. Mixed with federal laboratories and the University of Colorado, Boulder bubbles with business.

With the help of the University of Colorado, the Chamber of Commerce and the city, the Boulder Economic Council hopes to create a Boulder Innovation Center (BIC). Considered a “virtual business incubator,” it is one of the steps toward building an economic vitality plan to promote and recruit new businesses, ultimately bolstering a healthier economy for Boulder.

“The BIC will provide training, mentoring and other forms of assistance to start-up companies,” says Sean Maher, director of the Boulder Economic Council, “as well as later stage ventures who need help growing their business.”

Like a Big Brother program, this center will pair experienced CEOs with new entrepreneurs – the CEOs sharing their expertise with hungry new business people. It will also help companies raise early stage capital, assist them in finding affordable space and guide fresh businesses through the process of the oft-dreaded business plan.

For it to work, the city, EDC and the Chamber fuse their strengths, each bringing to the project the nuts and bolts to build and facilitate this plan successfully. The Chamber brings dollars and its broad brush of support to the business community. The BEC has access to leaders in banking, law, marketing and businesses, as well as funding. And the city cooperates with its departments, which businesses deal with on a regular basis. The city, too, has funding.

“Boulder has always been a hub for entrepreneurial activity,” says Maher. “These efforts will bring together all the resources available in the community and give entrepreneurs an easy way to tap into them. The elements of this plan have been extremely well received throughout the business community. “

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